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[SUPPORT PROJECT] ‘Cart’ Movie Rice Wreath Support

In Korea, rice wreaths are sent by fandoms to show support to their favorite idols in events like movie/drama press conference or concerts. Then the rice wreaths will be donated to less fortunate people under the celebrity’s name. 

DKPH will send rice wreaths for ‘Cart’ movie as support for actor Do Kyungsoo’s first acting role on big screen.

With the service of Dreame (https://dreame.co.kr:127/en/), we will donate rice wreath in total of the donation amount we will receive.

TARGET DONATION: 20kg rice or more (depends on the total amount of donations we will receive)

▶ Product Description : The DREAME rice wreath with 2 Ribbon(left:cheer message Right: name of the fan club or fan), a photo(A4) of star, 20kg of rice.

▶ Rice donation : Rice of 20kg will be donated to poor children or people by the name of the star.


We encourage PH fans to support this project.

Overseas fans are invited to join too. 


LBC/GCash (for local)

Name: Danica T. Lagdamat

Address: San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

Contact no.: 09265658301

BPI Bank

Accnt Name: John Paul Degallado

Accnt number: 8166142331

PAYPAL (for local/international)

send amount to rozzray17@gmail.com

Western Union (for local/international)

Name: Danica T. Lagdamat

Address: San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

Contact no.: 09265658301

Donation amounting 150php-300php will receive a special gift from DKPH.

Donation amounting 301php-1000php and up will receive special gift from DKPH + 2 raffle entry for EXO Overdose album (unsealed) with official poster

After sending your donation, don’t forget to email us at dorkyungsooph@gmail.com with your name or proof of donation (photo of deposit slip).

Deadline for donation: mid July. (tentative: July 20)

If you have any questions, just PM us on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DOrKyungsooPH)


131102 Wapop Show

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Cute then happy then emotional.. okay Kyungsoo.. <3 

131102 Wapop Show

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131102 Wapop Show

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131028 - SJ Ryeowook Twitter Update

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131028 - GG Taeyeon IG Update - with D.O

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131028 Gimpo Airport 

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So cute with that hoodie! Also I placed the caption wrong on these two photos from my previous post and so I apologize 

131027 Haneda Airport

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Kyungsoo looking like a kid haha so cute! :”>